Useful tools and plumbing materials

Plumbing can be lucrative skilled labor, especially if you as a plumber understand the field well. Plumbing involves the use of various materials and tools, some basic while others are complex. Professional plumber carries toolboxes in their truck everywhere they are assigned or requested. Read on to find out some of the tools and materials used in plumbing.

Useful plumbing tools and materials

Plumbing tools and materials can be categorized in their uses. Categories include plumbing tools for pipework, plumber wrenches, plumber drain cleaning, plumber safety tools, and plumbing business tools.

Plumbing tools for pipework

Hacksaw – A hacksaw may be used to cut different items in plumbing like pipes, bolts, and screws.

Tube cutter – Used to cut tubes.

Pliers – Used to tighten and loosen nuts and hold hard items too.

Mole grips – Used to hold plumbing stuff during welding and soldering.

Pipe benders – Used to bend pipes and tubes before fitting.

Thread sealing tape – Used to prevent licks, especially in taps, sinks, and shower caps.

Plumbing wrenches

Pipe wrench – Used to tighten and loosen pipes and nuts. Mostly, two wrenches are used at the same time, one to hold the pipe while the other tightens or loosens the pipe.

Sink wrench – Often used to fix faucets and sink taps.

Faucet key – This is a tool shaped like an X that is used to close spigots.

Torque wrench

Internal pipe wrench.

Plumber drain cleaning tools

Sink auger – Used to release clogged sink pipes.

Flange plunger – Used to clear the clog in toilets and may also be used in kitchen sinks. Plungers are used to push any clog in the drain pipes by exerting pressure on the clog.

Drain inspection camera – This camera sees through sewer lines to detect any issues.

Plumbing safety tools include googles for protection of the eyes, gloves to protect the hands, and heat shields. Protective gear is important while undertaking any plumbing duties.